Are you ready for a new way to do dinner?

Take the stress out of "What's for Dinner?"
  Enhance your quality of life, health, and happiness by enjoying good food with your Family

Imagine how it would feel to . . . 

Never stress about “What’s for Dinner?” because you’re always prepared.

Easily make delicious meals, eat healthier, and watch your family fall in love with food.

Relax in the evenings, and nourish your children’s minds, bodies, and spirits every day.

Save time and money while eating to improve your health and manage your weight

Return to the Table with me and let’s begin this delicious journey!

Yes! I Need This now!

Let's Return to the Table

Your life is busy and preparing meals needs to be quick and convenient, but getting a great dinner on the table ends up feeling like a task that often seems impossible.

You get bored with what you are cooking and end up searching for recipes online that you can't find again later or selecting recipes from Pinterest that aren't as easy as they look and have way too many ingredients.

Over time, you spend hours trying to figure out what to make and hundreds of dollars at the grocery store buying ingredients and spices that end up going to waste.

In the end, you wind up relying on convenience foods-secretly feeling guilty or making the same things over and over and struggling to please everyone.

If you find yourself unorganized and stressed when it's time to figure out what's for dinner, then this was made for YOU!
I've created a place for us to talk, learn, and cook! Where you will learn to create a new lifestyle, discover how to ignite your Kitchen Intuition, and explore how to easily stock your kitchen to make quick delicious food that everyone will love while saving time and money and improving your health. 

Family dinner will no longer be a daunting, recurring task but a pleasure. You can gain confidence in the kitchen, enjoy cooking with ease, and affect positive and lasting change in your family with food as the common bond.

Return to the Table with me and deepen the bonds your children need every day to be heard, feel safe, and grow into confident adults.
Yes! I'm ready

If the powerful tradition of eating dinner at the table has fallen by the wayside for your family-let's get back to basics.  The demands of life are many these days, and it’s easy to get pulled away from what really matters.

That's why I'm here.

Caterina DeFalco cooking with her son Alessio

Improve Your Family's Quality of Life . . .

Just by HOW you Eat. 

Dinner can become a beautifully meaningful experience that can truly transform your family forever because food has the power to connect us, strengthen our relationships, and even heal.

A simple concept, yes, but not always easy, I know! I am here to help you take the stress out of dinner forever and create more meaningful mealtimes. It wasn't always easy for me either.  I didn't grow up with a tradition of meaningful family dinners.  I've been overweight, had poor eating habits, and struggled to learn how to cook. And after I had children, I wondered if any parent ever ate a normal dinner again. 

After ten years of  trial and error in the kitchen and some training with a French Chef, I finally learned how to cook. Including what ingredients  to use for optimal health without sacrificing  flavor.  

Then came children, and life got complicated and hectic. Out of my love for good food and commitment to sitting down to eat healthy and delicious food every day, I figured out a system to make it happen with ease. Allowing me to give my family the benefits of a daily routine of shared mealtimes and enjoying delicious food together.  I am going to share all of my secrets with you.

All you need is a commitment to seeing the health and bonds of your family strengthen . . . and I will give you all the tools that you need to make it happen—deliciously. 
  Yes! I'm In!  

My Approach

a lovely arrangement of homemade food at the family table

The Food

We start with wholesome, high-quality ingredients and eliminate processed foods- this is essential. Your family will fall in love with delicious and healthy food, and dinnertime will become a pleasure. 
Caterina serving melon and prosciutto in the garden

The System

Then, I teach you my system that has worked for over 17 years that will help you organize your kitchen, source the best ingredients, improve your health, please everyone, and always know "what’s for dinner.” 
Caterina DeFalco and her family eating at their table outside

The Magic

The final piece is the art of conversation. This is where the magic happens. It is the conversations that will occur at your table while sharing scrumptious food together.  Good food leads to good conversation.
I am Ready to Return to the Table!

Ciao! I'm Caterina

What I am sharing with you is about food but so much more. It is about enhancing your quality of life, health, and happiness by enjoying good food every day with your family. The benefits extend well beyond the table, touching every aspect of your life.

From strengthening your family bonds and connections to educating your children and making them smarter, saving time, money, improving your health, managing your weight, and reducing stress. All while enjoying simple - yet decadent food.

The Caterina, you see, is a wife, mom to three, financial planner, Italian American, and spending time in the of South France as much as possible with my husband Pierre’s family. The person I want you to get to know is an avid cook, family dinner advocate, and addicted to curating healthy and delicious food. With a passion in my heart for all children’s physical and emotional well-being and everyone's happiness.

I have been called the modern-day Ms. Manners. Kids call me the dinner time lady. My husband, Pierre, says I am a “sort of health guru.” I am not a professional chef, nutritionist, or therapist, but I am a little bit of all of these—and you can just call me Caterina.

Clients call the change in their lifestyle the “Caterina Effect.” Together, we will visit the South of France with a few side trips to Italy. Inspire the love of good food in your children, both young and old. And delight your family at the table. You’ll eat better than ever while improving your family’s health.

Meet me at The Table, I saved a seat for you. 
Meet Caterina


“I don't know if I told you, but I accidentally lost about 8 lbs after cutting out most semi-processed foods!"
"I hope I can articulate how much your program has impacted me and my family's life! Prior to meeting you we would throw away so much food weekly, either leftovers we were sick of, or groceries we didn't make in time before going bad. Finding you right as we went into Quarantine was such a blessing. It truly inspired me to cook more and focus on quality ingredients. Strengthening my kitchen intuition has been key, it's how I know to roll leftover into something new or I can see what I bought and come up with creative solutions.

As a family, we always valued sitting down together for dinner but now it's done with so much less stress. I can be done with work and still make easy meals . . . amazing quality meals that are thrown together in a short time and we get to enjoy each other!"
"We have made a lot of progress over here under your care. We are now all eating from the same “pot” which I was surprised how much my kids loved. They were so excited when I put the food in the middle of the table. They asked for it the next day, “Can we do that special fancy dinner thing where we have a feast” It really is such a better ritual—passing the food around and all sharing from the same platter, game changer."
“As an anthropologist of ritual and family, I am deeply impressed with what you are advocating. You are, in 5 steps, hitting all the major points of what works in generational connection across all cultures. Family’s don’t just happen, they are grown and this is the sweet and lasting way to do that. Bravo and I’m IN!”

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“Your suggestions are so priceless! Thank you for such valuable content. My family is closer than ever, thanks to you!”
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