February 22, 2021

Alessi Orange Basket

Fresh squeezed orange has all the right ingredients—just orange juice. Store-bought orange juice has unnecessary calories and sugar and is not as rich in vitamins as fresh-squeezed orange juice. One woman who follows me told me she accidentally lost 10 pounds when she stopped drinking orange juice from the carton.

You’ll taste and feel the difference when you trade in the carton of orange juice for fresh squeezed. Use a handheld or stand juicer to produce fresh orange juice for your family in seconds.

A stand juicer makes juicing a breeze and cleanup is easy. Children can use this and lend a hand in the kitchen. I love the look and feel of a stand juicer, but a smaller electric model is a convenient option as well, and you can tuck it away in the cabinet.

Stand orange juicer  with a basket of fresh oranges

Get more out of your oranges by using them to help you figure out what’s for dinner by adding a no-cook dessert course to your family dinner.

Serve oranges, rosemary, and gelato.

Orange Slices with fresh rosemary and a scoop of vanilla gelato

Or oranges, raspberries, and chocolate for a fresh and mouthwatering dish.

Orange slices with raspberries and chocolate shavings

The addition of a dessert course to your dinner takes minutes to make and helps you conveniently serve enough food to satisfy everyone and delight them.

Display your oranges on the counter in a basket like this one from the Italian designer Alessi. Filled with fresh oranges, it will brighten up your kitchen decor and remind you to use oranges for an easy dinner idea.

I love the look and feel of a stand juicer, but you may prefer a smaller electric model that you can tuck away in the cabinet.

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