August 10, 2022

Caesar, Basil, and Lemon

About the Menu

 This menu features three kid favorites dishes, perfect for a hot summer night or weekday dinner.  Leftover pasta and fruit salad are excellent to pack for school lunch or a picnic dinner. This menu is also very economical, with an estimated cost of about $16 for four people and all fresh food.  


Homemade Caesar dressing-5 minutes prep time. Serve with salad, as a veggie dip, or a sandwich spread.

Pasta au Basilic- loaded with nutrients and flavor. 5-10 minutes prep time.

Make the fruit salad, and you can serve it for two to three days. It gets better with time.

Total prep time 20-30 minutes.


If someone doesn't care for the pasta, or if someone would like a meat option with the meal, serve a plate of charcuterie after the pasta. Charcuterie is a plate of meats such as, prosciutto, capicola, and bresaola. A charcuterie plate is an easy no-cook option.

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