April 2, 2021

Herbs de Provence

Crock of herbs de provence

Herbs de Provence is a mixture of thyme, savory, basil, fennel, and lavender flowers, it is a French kitchen staple. Add Herbs de Provence to season chicken, meat, fish, sauces, and vegetables. A pinch will easily add a delicious layer of flavor with hardly any calories.

Celtic salt in a wooden salt box, french sea salt ina bowl and a salt grinder filled with a mixture of herbs de provence and celtic salt

Herbs de Provence can be used in place of condiments to avoid additives and preservatives, as well as to save money because they are so inexpensive compared to bottled condiments. These dried herbs are also favored by children. Keep Herbs de Provence and Celtic salt in a salt grinder on the table for children to add to their plates. This has helped families I work with make vegetables and soups more exciting for their children, and the herbs can help you eliminate processed condiments such as ketchup.

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