Kids Crinkle Cut Knife

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Kids Krinkle Cut Knife with a carrot and potato
Click on the photo to watch the how to video

In the hands of a little chef, this child-safety knife will be one of the best investments you make. Kids who help with meal prep are more likely to develop an appreciation for cooking, eating, and nutrition. When you bring your children into the kitchen, you will help them build valuable life skills. It will save you time when they learn to chop carrots and potatoes for homemade waffle fries. Your kitchen will be full of giggles and good times.

This S shape on the blade of this knife makes it safer than a regular knife and cuts like an actual knife. Click on the picture to watch a short demonstration video.

This one tool can help you;

  • Teach your children life skills, and develop their motor skills
  • Create an environment to connect and bond with your children in the kitchen
  • Get you some help in the kitchen
  • Spark your children's curiosity and interest around food, and get them more interested in eating healthy food.

When you handwash this knife, it will last for years, becoming a family heirloom to pass on to your grandchildren.

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