I love hearing everyone’s “story." Where are you from? How and why did you start doing what you do? I always find it fascinating because it is often a long road, full of interesting twists and turns. We will get to know each other better over time, but here is part of my story. . .

While delicious homemade Italian food was part of my childhood, there were times of food insecurity and years where my diet consisted mainly of fast food.

I was sad, overweight, and craving meaningful family connections.

As a young adult on my own, I chose the fast-food option, and my weight and health continued to be a problem. I knew I needed to learn to cook and eat better—it wasn't easy! Recipes confused me, I didn’t understand all of the ingredients, and I must have missed the memo; read the whole recipe before you start, and a whole chicken takes a day to thaw!
Then a miracle happened, and I went to live in France. It was on my first night in Paris, in a little bistro by the Seine- that my life changed forever.

I can remember the meal like it was yesterday. The exotic yet simple dishes, the cream sauce with fresh morels, the dark chocolate ganache as it melted in my mouth, and the introduction to the scent of Calvados. The food was decadent, but what is most memorable is what happened at the table. 

The waiter seemed to dance to the table with pride as if he prepared the food. After a 4-course meal including as apéritif, dessert and digestif, I didn’t feel full or regret my indulgence- it was just a pure state of bliss. Dinner companions who started as strangers felt like old friends.

This evening was the beginning of learning the pleasure and art of eating, discerning poor quality, mediocre quality, and great quality food. I discovered the secret to eating what I want and improving my health and weight, eventually allowing me to lose eighteen pounds twenty years ago. Most importantly, I  finally found the connection that I sought in my childhood. Good food leads to good conversation.
You won’t find processed foods here, but there is no shortage of butter, cream, meat, bread, pasta, chocolate, anything cooked with olive oil and garlic, French cheese, and wine- so nothing is never missed.

I will introduce you to my family, who motivates me each day to make the effort.  My husband Pierre, who grew up in a small village outside of Avignon, France, and constantly inspires me in the kitchen. My children, those sweet little beings who were picky and fussy and pushed me to the limits to find ways to create dishes that everyone would love. 

Over the past twenty-eight years as a financial planner, I have helped families create a family legacy through wealth. And while important, I have come to learn that a family legacy more valuable than any wealth starts at the Table. 

Thirty-one  years of being passionate and curious about good food started this journey.  It is the past thirteen years of observing families struggle with dinner, what to cook, health and weight issues, picky eaters, and a soft spot in my heart for all children to feel comforted and nurtured that brings me here.  I will share what I have learned over the years so that you don’t have to struggle anymore.

I am glad that you found your way here, and I believe we were meant to meet. So stick with me, you are about to embark on a delicious journey that can be a game-changer for you and your family. 

Get started tonight!

“Your suggestions are so priceless! Thank you for such valuable content. My family is closer than ever, thanks to you!”
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