February 22, 2021

Opinel Knife

In France, a knife is very personal and revered. Men typically carry a knife in their pocket so that when they eat away from home, they can always be assured of having a sharp knife. The French are very serious about their food! But, the knife is not only used for cutting food.

A Knife Isn't Only for Cutting

Knives are more than just tools for cutting. You can also use them to push food onto your plate, which keeps it organized. You can also slow down how fast you eat, which will help with weight management and digestion.

While eating, it's easy to scoop up whatever is on the plate and quickly eat one forkful after another rather quickly. You'll eat more slowly and mindfully by using a knife to place food on a fork one bite at a time. When it comes to managing your weight and promoting healthy digestion, that can be a good thing.

When you eat slowly, your brain has time to register fullness, so you're less likely to overeat. Chewing your food thoroughly is the first step to good digestion. Knives can help you slow down and savor your meals - good for your waistline and digestion.

From top to bottom in the photo above. Red and Pink Opinel knives with rounded tips for kids. Priced at around $20. High quality and made to last for decades if you hand-wash them. 

My husband Pierre's 40-year-old Laguiole folding knife with the classic cork opener. Priced at around $300 for a good one.

My basic folding knife. It is priced at around $100.

Custom-made folding knife with mammoth tooth handle and Damascus blade. Handmade in Thiers, France. An investment for a unique gift or a family heirloom. 

The Opinel knives are starter knives for children. It is a tradition to give every child their own personal knife, and when they are grown, the right of passage is to get a Laguiole. My husband Pierre has had his knife for over 40 years.

Start a family tradition today and get your children their own Opinel. It can be folded in half and includes a safety lock.

Inquire here about a custom handmade Laguiole by our craftsman. Knives are made with a damask blade and materials such as olive wood, rosewood, Abalone shell, Izmir Stone, or oak wood from the Château Versailles.

Laguiole Knife
Laguiole Knife Green Stone
Laguiole Knife
Laguiole Knife
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