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Transform Your Family's 
Health & Relationships
by How You Eat Dinner

Ciao! I'm Caterina, here to share with you a style of
eating and cooking that will help you:

Nourish your family's health

Discern healthy food from junk food in disguise

Take the dread out of preparing meals

Conveniently make meals that please everyone

Get more enjoyment out of what you eat- without guilt

Eliminate boredom with your cooking

Save time and money

You can even reform fussy eaters and accidentally lose a few pounds

and the best part...

Connect with those you love, and have more fun with your family.


Return to The Table

Good health, and happiness are aspects of life that people strive for. One of the most basic and effective ways to have more of this in your life lies in how you eat.

Where you eat, how you chew, and how you serve helps you maintain good health and weight. The food you buy and the ingredients you cook with enhances the quality and flavor of your food.

How you eat not only improves your physical health but also your emotional well-being. Bringing more pleasure and connection into your life.
Maybe you've heard about the French paradox—the age-old question of "How can the French routinely eat croissants, butter, cheese, bread, and dessert and still stay thin?" Or, you may have heard the saying, "French kids eat everything."

There is truth to these statements. The secret lies in how the French approach eating and thinking about food. The French treat eating as an education, just as important as math and reading.

At Return to the Table, you will learn how to create a lifestyle that encourages healthy eating habits, makes meal planning easier, saves you stress and time, and brings your family together- without a rigid diet or complicated meal plan. We'll do this by borrowing some tips from the French with a few side trips to Italy.
Yes! I'm ready

If you want to enjoy delicious food while improving your health and happiness, and discover how easy and enjoyable it can be to cook for yourself and those you love, let's get back to basics. The demands of life are many these days, and it’s easy to get pulled away from what really matters.

That's why I'm here.

My Approach

The Habits

Healthy food alone is not enough to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. You'll find the first secret ingredient to healthy eating habits is how you eat. We'll start with healthy eating habits based on science and what I have discovered over thirty-four years of studying how to eat. 

The Food

Creating easy meals and healthy eating habits starts with wholesome, high-quality ingredients and avoiding processed foods as much as possible. You’ll learn a style of shopping and cooking that allows you to conveniently prepare meals without sacrificing flavor or time.

The Magic

Combining healthy eating habits and delicious food is a magical recipe. Your health, spirit, and the conversations at your table will transform- like magic. Great food leads to thriving health, happiness, and meaningful connection. It's the most delicious recipe in the world.
I am Ready to Return to the Table

Meet Caterina

Some people call me “The Modern Day Miss Manners,” kids call me “The Dinnertime Lady,” and my husband, Pierre, calls me “a sort of Food Guru.” I still don't know what my label is, which is appropriate because, as you will soon see, I don't like labels.

You can just call me Caterina and know that I am here to inspire you to embrace a lifestyle around food and how you eat. This will help you feel your best, have more fun, and connect with those you love.

My philosophy is simple: How you eat has the power to enhance every aspect of your life— your health, wealth, and relationships.

Join me at the Table—I saved a seat for you.
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“I don't know if I told you, but I accidentally lost about 8 lbs after cutting out most semi-processed foods!"
"I hope I can articulate how much your program has impacted me and my family's life! Prior to meeting you we would throw away so much food weekly, either leftovers we were sick of, or groceries we didn't make in time before going bad. Finding you right as we went into Quarantine was such a blessing. It truly inspired me to cook more and focus on quality ingredients. Strengthening my kitchen intuition has been key, it's how I know to roll leftover into something new or I can see what I bought and come up with creative solutions.

As a family, we always valued sitting down together for dinner but now it's done with so much less stress. I can be done with work and still make easy meals . . . amazing quality meals that are thrown together in a short time and we get to enjoy each other!"
"We have made a lot of progress over here under your care. We are now all eating from the same “pot” which I was surprised how much my kids loved. They were so excited when I put the food in the middle of the table. They asked for it the next day, “Can we do that special fancy dinner thing where we have a feast” It really is such a better ritual—passing the food around and all sharing from the same platter, game changer."
“As an anthropologist of ritual and family, I am deeply impressed with what you are advocating. You are, in 5 steps, hitting all the major points of what works in generational connection across all cultures. Family’s don’t just happen, they are grown and this is the sweet and lasting way to do that. Bravo and I’m IN!”

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