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Pasta with Meunière Sauce

A pasta bowl with pasta and mussels

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Repurposing leftovers into something so good it's impossible to tell they were once anything else can make you feel like a hero. This dish is the perfect example of how you can turn leftover sauce from mussels into an exquisite pasta dinner that will have everyone in awe!


Leftover sauce from Mussells Meunière. You can find the recipe here.


Heat the leftover sauce from Mussells Meunière over medium heat.  Add a splash or two of cream and cook until it thickens, about 15 minutes.  If you have leftover mussels, add them to the sauce to warm. You can add them in the shell or remove them from the shell.  Adding them at the end is best so they do not get overcooked.  

Toss the sauce with linguini or spaghetti pasta cooked al dente. 

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