April 9, 2021

Sel de Guérande

Sel de Guérande is a French sea salt. The benefits are that it is harvested by hand and has an amazing flavor, not too salty. The minerals in this salt make it healthier than other kinds of salt. Sel de Guérande contains less sodium than table salt, so it's a good choice for those watching their sodium intake. If you want a flavorful, healthier salt, try Sel de Guérande.

Sel de Guérande It comes in coarse grain and fine grain. Use the coarse grain to sprinkle on finished dishes such as a pan-seared steak. Use the fine grain for cooking and replace your iodized table salt.

Sea salt and celtic salt with fresh garlic bulbs

Keep  Sel de Guérande on the table to replace iodized table salt. You can store it in a wooden saltbox for a useful and attractive addition to your dinner table.

Celtic salt in a wooden salt box, french sea salt ina bowl and a salt grinder filled with a mixture of herbs de provence and celtic salt

Keep your salt next to the stove in small ramekins for easy access while cooking.

Small bowls of varieties of sea salt next to the stove.

For another healthier alternative to iodized table salt, try Celtic Salt.

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