January 20, 2021

Celtic Salt

Sea salt and celtic salt with fresh garlic bulbs

Choosing the right salt can have a significant impact on your health as well as the taste of your food. Consider switching from regular iodized table salt to Celtic Sea Salt®. Iodized table salt has been highly processed, which removes essential minerals. Additionally, it contains additives to prevent clumping.

Due to the natural balance and spectrum of minerals in Celtic Sea Salt®, it is more nutritious than table salt. Over 74 vital trace minerals and elements are provided to the body. Compared to regular table salt, Celtic Sea Salt® and Sea Salt contain significantly more calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and less sodium. Visit Healthline to learn more.

Read these health professionals' recommendations if you aren't convinced yet that changing your salt is worth the effort. There are over 20 recommendations in this article about Celtic Sea Salt®, including:

Healthsource of Clayton: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because it provides so much more than traditional table salt or even other types of sea salt. When working with our patients on nutrition, we frequently find that they have issues with dehydration despite consuming large amounts of water. This relates to a mineral deficiency and can easily be remedied by incorporating Celtic Sea Salt® into patient's cooking or to salt food. An excellent product that each of our doctors uses at home as well."

Dr John Groerich-

"We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because it provides minerals that many people are so deficient in.  It is great for adrenal fatigue and is safe for patients with high blood pressure.  We recommend it to all ages."

Megan Minner, DC

"My children love the taste of the fine ground variety as it makes their food much more tasty and without encouragement, they gobble up their veggies and protein like there's no tomorrow!!!"

Cristina Coloma- Abby Naturopathic Clinic:

I was originally introduced to Celtic Sea Salt by a holistic doctor ten years ago, who suggested I make the switch. Clients have reported that they felt better after switching to Celtic Sea Salt®. One woman told me a sinus condition she had for months mysteriously disappeared after she started using this salt. Another mentioned that her knee joints weren't as stiff in the morning after several months of using only Celtic salt. 

Since 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® has been a family-owned business Celtic Sea Salt® is completely natural and does not contain any additives. The only processing it undergoes is low-temperature drying and grinding. Additionally, this salt is Non-GMO verified, kosher-certified, lower in sodium than table salt, and paleo-friendly.

Storage Tips

Keep fine-grain and or course grain Celtic Sea Salt® near your stove for cooking. Both fine and coarse grain is the same salt, only the texture is different. The course grain is excellent for finishing dishes like a pan-seared steak when you want a crunchy texture. 

Celtic salt in a wooden salt box, french sea salt ina bowl and a salt grinder filled with a mixture of herbs de provence and celtic salt

Mix Celtic Sea Salt® with herbs de Provence in a salt grinder and keep it on the dinner table to add extra flavor to your dishes. This addition can inspire children to eat foods they are not very interested in. It was a game-changer for my fussy eater. You will feel good about this addition to your kitchen, and eventually, it will help you eliminate condiments that are more costly and contain chemicals, sugar, and iodized salt. 

To learn about another healthier replacement for iodized salt, you can learn about French Sea salt here Sel de Guérande French Sea Salt.

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