August 17, 2022

Tomato, Thyme, and Chocolate

About the Menu

This menu is balanced and fresh, and there isn't much to cook, which makes it fast and simple to prepare. You can make the Fish en Papillote recipe with a wide variety of fish and ingredients, so each time it can be something different and exciting.

The estimated cost of the menu for 4 people is $28 assuming the price of the fish is $20. While this isn't the most inexpensive dinner, it is a bargain when you consider the price of eating out for 4 people, and that this menu offers a wholesome meal made with high-quality ingredients. The value for your family's health and the pleasure of enjoying a home-cooked three-course menu that you can make in 20 minutes is a bargain.


Fish en Papillote can take as little as five minutes to prepare. While the fish is baking, you have about 20 minutes to prepare the bruschetta and fruit. When you serve in courses, you can provide enough variety to please everyone, and avoid having to cook a side dish, but if you need a little something else on the menu, keep reading for more easy ideas.


If you want to add a little something else to the menu, instead of making a side dish, you can serve cheese and bread as a course after the fish and before the dessert.

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