April 13, 2021

French Syrups

French Syrups being served with beet chips

These flavored syrups are a staple in France. Used to make "sodas" for children, cocktails, and mocktails. While these syrups do contain sugar, the way you serve them manages the amount of sugar. The "recipe" is one part syrup to 10 parts water or sparkling water. These are meant to be a treat and not consumed daily, and one serving is all that is needed.

Serve before dinner as an aperitif and never with the meal. A sweet drink, syrup, or juice will overshadow the flavors of the food, and for children it can inhibit the training of their palates to appreciate the taste of fresh food.  

1883 Maison Routin is my preferred brand. Founded in 1883 by herbalist Philibert Routin, these syrups are made in the French Alps with quality and purity in mind.

Explore flavors from Lavender to Rose and classic Cassis. One bottle lasts for months and can make 100 drinks. Economical, delicious, and practical. You can also eliminate buying boxes and cartons of beverages which is better for the enviroment.

I suggest starting with Cassis, Grenadine, and Pamplemousse Rose, which is pink grapefruit and a kid favorite!

French syrups with Lavendar being served

Cassis can be added to white wine for a Kir cocktail or champagne for Kir Royal. Both classic French cocktails. Pamplemousse can be added to rose wine for a Pamplemouse Rose. Remember, just a splash is all you need.

Use stemless wine glasses or parfait glasses to serve kids to create something fun and exciting

Lavendar, rose and cuccumber flavored French syrups

Serve a French syrup with water or sparkling water for an impressive and delicious drink.

LAvendar Syrup with a copper water pitcher

Keep several flavors on hand and delight your family and guests. Store them in a French-style straw basket for an elegant touch.

French lavender adn rose syrup with a French style storage basket and Perrier for serving
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